Ad 46-120 greek essayist

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Plutarch's Lives, Volume 1

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Quotes on “Respect”

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Ancient Greek biographer and essayist Plutarch (c. AD ) writes of an ancient Greek festival in which the community, as an initiation for young men coming of age, would reenact sending their youth to King Minos of Crete to be fed as sacrifice to the Minotaur.

Plutarch plo͞o´tärk [], AD 46?–hopebayboatdays.comGreek essayist and biographer, hopebayboatdays.comnea, Boeotia.

He traveled in Egypt and Italy, visited Rome (where he lectured on philosophy) and Athens, and finally returned to his native Boeotia, where he became a priest of the temple of Delphi. Quotes on “Respect” Respect begins by understanding whom I should value or consider worthy of high regard, and then acts to show in word, deed, and dress that I.

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Download this stock image: Plutarch () Greek historian and writer, priest of Apollo at the Oracle of Delphi and writer of “Parallel Lives” containing biographies of famous Romans and Greeks. Engraving by Frère André Thévet () published in See description for more information.

ad 46 – Greek historian, philosopher, essayist and biographer. He authored a number of treatises on matters of ethics on topics such as education, marriage, religious observances and also upon the status of animals which included discussion on the presence of reason in non human animals and the practice of ethical vegetarianism.

Ad 46-120 greek essayist
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Character Quotes: Quotes on "Respect"