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Rewriting systems, bytecode soups, and algorithmic chemistries

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Bytecode Compression via Profiled Grammar Rewriting William S. Evans Computer Science Dept. University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4. Keywords: Term rewriting, Java bytecode, Tom, CTL 1 Motivations Bytecode transformation is an example of a late code modification technique, tar-geting an executable program after compilation.

Traditional late code modification systems suffer from lacking certain useful information available only to source code. In this paper we show how the runtime complexity of imperative programs can be analysed fully automatically by a transformation to term rewrite systems, the complexity of which can then be automatically verified by existing complexity restrict to well-formed Jinja bytecode programs that only make use of non-recursive methods.

Rewriting Reality

The. A constraint term rewrite system (cTRS) is a finite set of constraint rewrite rules. Let R denote a cTRS. A context D is a term with exactly one occurrence of a hole, and D [ t ] denotes the term obtained by replacing the hole in D by the term t.

Therefore, in [5, 15] we presented the first rewriting-based approach for proving termination of a real imperative object-oriented language, viz. Java Bytecode [14].

We only know of two other automated methods to analyze JBC termination, implemented in the tools COSTA [ 2 ] and Julia [ 16 ].

Bytecode rewriting american
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Rewriting Systems