Catal hyuk

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Çatal Hüyük

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They included ovens, hearths, and pits, raised floors, platforms and benches. Sep 02,  · These Sumerian Clay Tablets Reveal the BIGGEST Secrets of the Solar System - Duration: ZEG TV HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLICviews.

Catal Huyuk-Turkey

Catal Huyuk has a very odd design. There are no doors to enter the houses. There is a hatch to enter on the roof. There are no streets but ladders to get to house to house. Mysteries of Çatalhöyük - Science Museum of Minnesota.

Research Catal Huyuk and investigate the theories historians and archaeologists have about the site. Find a map of Turkey to show the location of Catal Huyuk.

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Catal hyuk
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Catal Hoyuk, Turkey