Commodification of welfare

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Commodification of Welfare

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Peter Frase

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Decommodification alone is a very narrow way to analyse social policy in different welfare regimes: it ignores unpaid labour and focuses on class stratification rather than gender and race.

Ireland, the UK and the USA are heterogeneous examples of liberal worlds of welfare capitalism yet all three countries were deeply implicated in the global financial crisis.

B-Corps: The Commodification of Social Welfare September 16, Troy Andrew Hallisey Leave a Comment Among the many issues facing the nonprofit sector today, one of the biggest has to be the questioning of its very purpose.

To understand the term ‘commodification of welfare’ we must first clarify what is meant by commodification and then secondly welfare. Commodification is a word first termed in Marxist theory. It is the transformation of services or goods into a commodity in. Commodification (, origins Marxist political theory) is used to describe the process by which something which does not have an economic value is assigned a value and hence how market values can replace other social values.

It describes a modification of relationships, formerly untainted by commerce, into commercial relationships in everyday use.

The concept of coercive commodification resonates with how welfare states, and particularly liberal welfare states, have evolved and the rise, crisis, and further entrenchment of .

Commodification of welfare
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