Experiential education

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Bigshot: The Camera for Education. Build It Youself! Learn The Science! Capture Your World! Service learning is distinguished from other approaches to experiential education by its commitment to certain values as well as its inclusion of continuous, structured reflection.

From the outset, service learning has been oriented to the achievement of academic goals in all fields, including the liberal arts. Master’s degree programs at the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education are specifically designed to help students cultivate the skills and experience necessary to become sought-after, transformational leaders in Jewish education.

Experiential Education Academy (EEA) A key component of NSEE’s mission is to enhance the professional development of its members. Another component of the mission is to be the national leader in advancing experiential education as a field and a profession.

Experiential education

Dr. Donald B. Rix Public Safety Simulation Building. Located at the New Westminster campus, the Dr.

Experiential Education

Donald B. Rix Public Safety Simulation Building is a purpose-built facility designed for the delivery of immersive, interactive, problem-based experiential computer simulation scenarios. The building includes six specially designed and equipped rooms adjoining a central meeting room with large.

Experiential education
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Bigshot: The Camera for Experiential Learning