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December 5, Read on for detailed instructions on writing and addressing the perfect nengajō. If you are using a postcard with postage included (a mark with the Chinese zodiac animal of the new year and 50 yen written on it), you need to add a yen stamp to cover the yen fee for international post.

PLUS -tradition Nengajo - New Year cards. Just as most people exchange Christmas cards during the festive season, the Japanese send New Year postcards (nengajo), only in far greater average family sends over a hundred nengajo to virtually all their relations, friends and colleagues, and businesses mail them to all their customers.

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In the table below, each Kanji is followed by the meaning in English and the pronunciation in on yomi, 音読み(Chinese readings) are in normal type while kun yomi, 訓読み(Japanese readings) are in in compounds usually have on yomiwhile Kanji used by themselves usually have kun example, water is mizu 水and wheel is kuruma 車but waterwheel is suisha水車.

Japanese New Year Cards (nengajo) usually have the zodiac animal of the upcoming year printed on them.

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There's also a lottery in January, using the numbers that are printed on the back of the cards. The "Get a Mac" campaign is a television advertising campaign created for Apple Inc.

(Apple Computer, Inc. at the start of the campaign) by TBWA\Media Arts Lab, the company's advertising agency, that ran from to Shown in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Japan, the advertisements in the campaign have become easily recognizable because each.

Nengajo writing a cover
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5 Unique Features of Japanese New Year Cards (Nengajo)