Potential problems when writing a mission statement

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Mission Matters Most

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The Hole Required to Develop an Interpretive Mission Statement Preparing an effective mission statement is not accomplished mentally or quickly. A company's mission statement should represent the core values and ideals of the founders' vision for their practice.

It should be a constant reminder to the company's employees and clients (your patients) of why the practice exists. Furthermore, a good mission statement is the tool by which the company navigates, and by which strategic decisions should be made and measured.

How to Write a Mission Statement By Janel M. Radtke. Every organization has a mission, a purpose, a reason for being. Often the mission is why the organization was first created — to meet a need identified years ago.

Sometimes, the same problems that the organization initially tried to address continue to haunt generation after generation.

A good mission is therefore supported by value statements that demonstrate the philosophy of the company and how the mission is accomplished. One of my favorite mission statements, due to its simplicity and completeness, is a short one: To solve unsolved problems innovatively.

Traditionally, mission statements are a blend of realism and optimism, two terms generally at odds with one another, and striking a balance between the two is the ultimate key to writing a great. The answer depends on whether or not the mission statement you compose has significant meaning to you, or is just another corporate exercise in futility.

A mission statement can guide your company in good times and bad. A meaningful mission can act as a moral and corporate compass. Writing a mission statement is time consuming.

Write Powerful Mission and Vision Statements

Each word must be selected carefully to ensure its consistency with directions sought by all stakeholders. detail is the province of strategies and various types of plans, procedures, and policies, not mission statements.

Potential problems when writing a mission statement
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