Rate diffusion affected temperature water

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How does temperature affect diffusion?

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I measured the rate by timing the woodlouse to move a set distance of 20cm, and altered the surrounding temperature by submerging a clear tube in water with. Factors affecting diffusion are: 1) Temperature: The higher the temperature, the higher the rate ofdiffusion. Example: Put potassium permanganate in a beaker with water (roo mtemp.) and do the same in a beaker with water (boiled).

Thepotassium permanganate would spread faster in hot water. At the same temperature, the diffusivity of dissolved air into liquid water is x cm 2 /sec, a much lower number than that for the two gases, representing the much slower diffusion rate in liquids compared to gases.

Temperature increases the kinetic energy of the molecule so it moves faster and hence the rate of diffusion increases. the more the concentration gradient the higher the driving force of the process and hence the higher the rate of diffusion. Reducing porosity slowed the rate of diffusion and increased the amount of water absorbed.

The dry soil in this study absorbed from 1/8 to 2/3 of the diffusing water. Maximum absorption rates occurred with the most compact soil samples at the highest temperature, though the maximum absorption as a percentage of the diffusing water was in the.

Furthermore, as the temperature increases the diffusion rate increases too, but this is the temperature of the air, not the water -- hence the dependence on the air temperature I mentioned earlier. Tom.

Rate diffusion affected temperature water
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