Write a program to implement queue using linked list in c++

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C++ program to implement the Queue ADT using a single linked list

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Stack (abstract data type)

The most unique aspect of this text is the clear separation of the interface and implementation. C++ allows the programmer to write the interface and implementation separately, to place them in separate files and compile separately, and to hide the implementation details.

A C preprocessor is a statement substitution (text substitution) in C programming language. It instructs the C compiler to do some specific (required) pre-processing before the compilation process.

When we compile a C program, C preprocessor processes the statements which are associated with it and expand them to make the code for further compilation. we are going to write a program to implement queue using linked list c++ programming language with proper output and explanation.

/* Write a C++ program to implement circular queue ADT using an array */ #include #include #include using namespace std; class cqueue { int. Linked lists are among the simplest and most common data structures. They can be used to implement several other common abstract data types, including lists, stacks, queues, associative arrays, and S-expressions, though it is not uncommon to implement those data structures directly without using a linked list as the basis.

The principal benefit of a linked list over a conventional array is. This is the one stop educational site for all Electronic and Computer students. If you want to learn something new then we are here to help. We work on Microcontroller projects, Basic Electronics, Digital electronics, Computer projects and also in basic c/c++ programs.

Write a program to implement queue using linked list in c++
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Linked List Interview Questions | Data Structures and Algorithms