Write ahead transaction log shipping

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SQL Server Transaction Log Architecture and Management

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Top reason 1/2: Not Understanding Recovery Models

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In this post, I will give a list of all undocumented parameters in Oracle c. Here is a query to see all the parameters (documented and undocumented) which contain the string you enter when prompted. The old advice went something like this: “Put your data and log files on separate drives and your server will be more reliable.

If you lose the data drive, you can still do a tail-of-the-log backup, and you won’t lose any data.”. It’s advice. Syngenta AG is a Swiss-based global company that produces agrochemicals and hopebayboatdays.com a biotechnology company, it conducts genomic research.

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When I insert one record it performs okay. But when I insert one hundred it takes five seconds, and as the record count increases so does the time.

Write ahead transaction log shipping
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Why do SQL databases use a write-ahead log over a command log? - Stack Overflow