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How to Write a British Cheque

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Receiving cheques and paying by cheque

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Jan 11,  · Yahoo UK & Ireland Answers Who is able to tell me how to write a HSBC cheque? However I am stuck at the payment section. I have decided to pay my fee by cheque.

I want to use my HSBC. But this is my first time writing a cheque and I am a bit scared that i might do it wrong, Status: Resolved. Instructions On How To Writing A Check Uk Hsbc You can pay cash or cheques into your account in the usual ways – by going to a You can pay bills to a recipient in the UK using the Faster Payments Service.

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Buying a car? Don't be duped - check the history first with the UK's most comprehensive car check. Check now». Unknown payee: Writing a check payable to cash is a simple solution if you don't know who to make a check payable to.

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For example, you might know that you need to write a check for a certain amount, but you don’t know the payee's exact (or legal) name. you paid the cheque in at HSBC outside the UK ; you paid the cheque into a current or savings account outside the UK ; you paid a cheque in or it is drawn on branches in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

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Writing a check hsbc uk
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